Here you will find overview of some hotels that we recommend while you stay in Zanzibar Stone town and some on the beach, also we can book for you other hotels that have excellent rate, you can contact us for further information

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Kitete Beach Bungalows


Kitete’s journey started all the way back in the 1980’s,The name Kitete is the family name of the land owner from whom we purchased the land, little did we know at the time, that the name ‘Kitete’ would became our hotel legacy. We decided to honor him and stick with the name ‘Kitete’. We initially started with just 6 rooms at the beach. We set out with the objective of keeping our guests happy and creating a wall of precious memories in Zanzibar. Today, Kitete is still growing strong, changes are a part of life but it is important not to forget how it all started. Today, we are still a family run business, we have moved on to new bungalows, a breath taking sea view restaurant, a swimming pool with a Jacuzzi. A friendly and relaxing atmosphere is what we can guarantee you will find at this hotel.

Asmini Palace


Enjoy all the amenities expected in a four star hotel, including a quick ride on the lift to our breath taking see view terrace.

Come and watch the dhow under full sail, slice majestically through the harbor at sunset

Enjoy the hospitality of delightfully and courteous staff always ready to help you and experience our chef’s magical hands as he crafts a memorable and unique Zanzibar dining treat

Kendwa Rock


Kendwa Rocks is one hour drive from Zanzibar Town towards the northern tip of the island. The road descends to one of the most fantastic beaches of East Africa. From the beach you see the lighthouse of nearby Tumbatu Island. Sunbathing may be enough, but you can also do snorkelling, diving or fishing and enjoy small boat trips on the turquoise waters. Beautiful sunsets are everyday thrill and moonlighted nights on the white coral and seashell beach make an unforgettable experience. The choice of accomodation is ample: choose a spacious suite or family room, coral stone or palmwood bungalow or just a simple palmwood banda! The rooms are surrounded by coconut trees and lush tropical gardens.

Warere {the town house}


The Warere Town House is one of the oldest hotels in Stone Town providing authentic, affordable accommodation for over 30 years.

We are a small, family run hotel that prides itself in making your stay on our spice island memorable.

The Warere has been newly renovated to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible. Come relax with a cold drink on our rooftop after taking in the sites of Stone Town.

Unguja Lodge


Unguja lodge is peaceful and secluded. It is well away Zanzibar’s busy tourist beaches, and the whole concept of the lodge has been developed to ensure it works in harmony with the natural environment and the people who live around it. This philosophy gives the place a distinctive air of tranquility that makes your stay a genuinely relaxing and enriching experience.

The building’s organic forms and stylish finish are complemented perfectly by the lush tropical setting and the rough coral boulders that surround it. But this place is more than just image, it’s a lodge with personality; it reflects the warmth and vivacity of Ralph and Elies its creators, and hosts. Their attention to detail and their love of ‘good living’ bring the place to life.

Dreams hotel Zanzibar


Experience the unparalleled elegance and idyll of newly opened Dreams Hotel Zanzibar, a hotel located in Zanzibar City on the Island of Zanzibar. Situated at the heart of Mlandege, majestically on the historical center of the city of Zanzibar. Dreams Hotel has an architecture that reflects its unique blend of Arab, Persian, Indian and European elements. Dreams Hotel perfectly personifies an intimate

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