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City tour

The stone tour is a two and half hours or three hours guided tour which will take you through narrow bustling street and alleyways, to the fish market, the old fort,

Anglican Cathedral at Mkunazini built by Bishop Streers in 1874 on the site of a former slave market, consulates, the house of wonder, and many more historical places.

This is the quick way to familiarizing yourself with stone town’s geography and history.

Swahili cooking Class

Swahili cooking class is organized by local people which will give you experience into the Swahili cuisine. Outside the stone town ladies will teach you how  to cook some typical Swahili dishes, like chapatti, spiced rice (Pilau), and Swahili curry (vegetarian, chicken or shellfish and fish).

Swahili cooking class will start on the Market, there together with the guide you will choose some ingredients that you will use than you will go to the house which is in Ng’ambo {outside stone town} for the cooking.

Jozani forest tour

The largest area mature forest found within Zanzibar, the forest lies in a shallow trough in the fossil coral bed between the mangrove filled bays of chwaka and uzi. On the high ground to either side is dry coral rag forest and thicket, with mangrove forests and saltmarshes to the north of the National Park, the area is an extremely rich mosaic of Zanzibar’s diverse natural habitats, a haven for much wildlife, including rare, endemic and endangered species, In Jozani forest is the only main place that you can found red colobus

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